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Deck Foot post Saddle

CA$12.64CA$16.57 + HST


Now you can quickly and easily install ground anchored footings for free standing decksshedsramps and more* – in minutes!

The all new Titan Deck Foot Anchor gives you the strength and security similar to a poured concrete footing without the labor, time and cost.

 You are going to love it!

  • Turn a week long job into a weekend project.
  • Save money on labor, materials and time.
  • Install in the morning and build in the afternoon.

 Easily Drive In Our Out

 It’s dependable Direct Drive system ensures you can drive the anchor forward or reverse for quick installation.

 And our new Terra-Shift post bracket protects critical post to beam connections on your deck in the event of any seasonal soil movement.

  • Installs with a handheld impact wrench.
  • No sledge or jackhammers or heavy machinery.
  • Terra-Shift – A unique way to deal with frost or seasonal soil movement.

And it has been rigorously tested to ensure that if any uneven uplift forces are imposed on your footings causing one footing to rise and push up the post and beam while others may not rise evenly, posts will slide up or down independently as needed to protect and preserve the post and beam joints from separating.

How Does Frost Affect The Anchor?

The Deck Foot Anchor does not heave up from the ground like a fence post that is literally popped out of the ground a little bit each year. The Deck Foot Anchor remains anchored to the ground and moves with the soil as it expands up or settles down during freeze or thaw cycles.  Use only with free standing decks.


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