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Male – Male Wire Packs

CA$39.08CA$77.95 + HST

Trex is known for innovations that make outdoor living easier.  Oriented for polarity and made from high quality silver-coated copper in a direct bury sheath, this wire is perfect for outdoor use. Ditch the hassle of stripping wires, struggling with messy gel filled wire nuts and lights going out due to lost connections.

Trex wires are compatible with all Trex Outdoor Lighting products. The silver-coated copper wires can also link Trex 6-way splitters (sold separately) together for an easy installation without any electrical skills.

What’s in the Box

Trex wires sizes 5’, 10’ and 20’ come in 4 per pack.

Trex 40’ wire comes in 2 per pack.

Trex 60’ wire comes in 1 per pack.


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Weight(lbs) 0.19
Width(Inches) 6
Height(Inches) 1.25
Depth(Inches) 8
Length(Inches) 8
Power Source DC
Voltage 12 volts


Seamless Connectivity with TREX Male-Male Wire Packs

Enhance Your Lighting System Connectivity

Elevate your outdoor lighting experience with TREX Wire Packs, designed to enhance the connectivity of your lighting system. These wire packs provide a seamless link between male connectors, allowing you to extend and customize your lighting setup effortlessly. Embrace the convenience of creating dynamic displays on your deck, patio, or garden, illuminating every corner with precision. Optimize your lighting system connectivity with TREX Wire Packs for a radiant and cohesive outdoor ambiance.

Effortless Integration, Maximum Flexibility

Experience effortless integration and maximum flexibility with TREX Wire Packs. Designed for user-friendly connectivity, these wire packs ensure a quick and hassle-free link between male connectors. Customize your outdoor lighting arrangement without limitations, providing maximum flexibility in illuminating different features and areas. Enjoy the ease of setup and the freedom to create a stunning visual display. Elevate your lighting design with seamless integration and endless possibilities.

Durable Construction, Reliable Performance

Invest in durable construction and reliable performance. Crafted with quality materials, these wire packs are built to withstand outdoor elements, ensuring longevity and consistent functionality. Whether you’re extending pathways, accentuating landscaping, or highlighting architectural details, these wire packs guarantee a stable and reliable connection. Embrace the confidence of a well-lit outdoor space with TREX Wire Packs that prioritize durability and reliability.

Installation help

Don’t forget to order a transformer for your new Outdoor Lighting

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5' Male/Male Wire – 4 Pack, 10' Male/Male Wire – 4 Pack, 20' Male/Male Wire – 4 Pack, 40' Male/Male Wire – 2 Pack, 60' Male/Male Wire – 1 Pack