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Trex Signature Bracket Template

CA$114.75 + HST

This reusable installation template is designed to simplify bracket placement when installing Trex® Signature™

Aluminum Railing with 2.5″ Trex® Signature™ Aluminum Posts. Template is designed for only Horizontal installations.

Weight(lbs) 3.5
Width(Inches) 5.5
Height(Inches) 0.75
Depth(Inches) 42.5
Length(Inches) 42.5


Simplify Your Deck Installation with TREX Signature Bracket Templates

Streamline your deck building process with TREX Signature Bracket Templates. These handy tools are designed to ensure accurate and efficient placement of brackets, making deck installation a breeze for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Precision Placement for Perfect Results

TREX Signature Bracket Templates provide precise guidance for positioning brackets, ensuring that your railing system is installed with impeccable accuracy. By eliminating guesswork and manual measurements, these templates help you achieve consistent results and professional-looking finishes every time. Whether you’re installing brackets for straight or stair railings, these templates make it easy to align and secure them in the optimal position for maximum stability and visual appeal.

Time-Saving Solution

Say goodbye to tedious measuring and marking with TREX Signature Bracket Templates. These time-saving tools allow you to quickly and easily identify the exact placement of brackets, significantly reducing the time and effort required for deck installation. With their intuitive design and straightforward instructions, you can complete your project efficiently and move on to enjoying your beautifully crafted deck in no time.

Universal Compatibility

TREX Signature Bracket Templates are compatible with a wide range of TREX railing systems, offering versatility and flexibility for various deck designs and configurations. Whether you’re using TREX Signature aluminum or composite railing components, these templates ensure a seamless fit and proper alignment of brackets, ensuring a secure and visually appealing railing system for your deck.

Easy to Use

Using TREX Signature Bracket Templates is simple and straightforward. Just place the template in the desired location on your deck railing, align it with the designated markings, and mark the hole locations for bracket installation. With clear instructions and user-friendly design, these templates make it easy for anyone to achieve professional results with minimal effort.

Enhance Your Deck Building Experience with TREX Signature Bracket Templates

Make deck installation faster, easier, and more precise with TREX Signature Bracket Templates. Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or a DIY enthusiast, these tools are an essential addition to your deck building toolkit. Trust TREX Signature Bracket Templates to simplify the installation process, save you time and effort, and ensure a flawless finish for your deck railing system.

Trex Signature Aluminum Railing


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