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CA$174.00 + HST

  • Fasten grooved decking while comfortably standing
  • For exclusive use with CAMO Universal Deck Clips on leading grooved decking
  • Ergonomic tool features a height-adjustable handle, making it the perfect fit for the whole crew
  • Weighted nose easily targets the screw head, speeding up your jobs
  • Contractor-grade tool is heavy-duty yet lightweight and quick to assemble
  • Tool attaches to your drill—it’s not for use with impact drivers
  • T-15 Driver Bit is included
  • Installation instructions
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Introducing the CAMO ClipDRIVE – the ultimate game-changer for your outdoor decking needs. Elevate your deck-building experience to new heights with this innovative tool, brought to you by The Deck Store. Say goodbye to time-consuming, frustrating deck installations and welcome a seamless, hassle-free process.

What sets the CAMO ClipDRIVE apart is its unmatched efficiency. No more struggling with manual fasteners and awkward hand positions. With this tool, you can effortlessly install clips up to five times faster than traditional methods, thanks to its ingenious design.

Imagine the relief of having no visible screws or nails on the surface of your deck. This remarkable tool ensures a clean, flawless finish by eliminating the need for face screws, leaving your deck boards smooth and sleek. Say hello to a pristine, unblemished surface that not only looks stunning but also enhances safety by reducing tripping hazards.

The CAMO ClipDRIVE is designed for your convenience. Its lightweight and ergonomic build minimize fatigue during prolonged use, allowing you to work comfortably for longer hours. Plus, its compatibility with any drill ensures you can complete your decking project with your preferred power tool.

But the benefits don’t end there. The CAMO ClipDRIVE simplifies your life by reducing costly callbacks due to warped boards or misalignments. It guarantees a uniform and stable deck, ensuring that your investment stands the test of time.

Use with CAMO Clips, and LEVER

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