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The Deck Store is Canada’s premier deck and outdoor living design, supply, and build company.
We are the largest volume dealer of decking and outdoor building materials in the Canadian market.

We are Your Outdoor Living Specialists! Trust us to help you create your ideal Outdoor Living Space.

Footing Solutions

TITAN Footing Solutions are the cornerstone of a secure and stable deck. These unassuming yet essential components play a crucial role in ensuring your outdoor living space is not only stylish but also steadfast.

Safety Beyond Measure

At The Deck Store, your safety is our top priority. TITAN Footing Solutions are meticulously engineered using top-tier materials to guarantee long-lasting stability for your deck. With TITAN, you can trust that your deck is secure, no matter the conditions.

Aesthetic Versatility

Safety is paramount, but style matters too. TITAN offers a range of footing styles to match your unique aesthetic preferences. Classic, modern, or any design you envision – the choice is yours.

Effortless Installation

You don’t need to be a DIY expert to install TITAN Footing Solutions. They are designed for straightforward installation, making your deck project a hassle-free experience.