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The Deck Store is Canada’s premier deck and outdoor living design, supply, and build company.
We are the largest volume dealer of decking and outdoor building materials in the Canadian market.

We are Your Outdoor Living Specialists! Trust us to help you create your ideal Outdoor Living Space.

TimberTech (Composite Decking)

Elevate Your Outdoor Living with Premium Decking

Unparalleled Durability

Discover the epitome of outdoor longevity. Crafted from cutting-edge materials and engineered for resilience, these boards redefine durability. With a weather-resistant design, these outdoor essentials withstand the harshest elements, ensuring your investment endures for years. Embrace worry-free outdoor living and unmatched sturdiness.

Contact your local The Deck Store showroom to see samples in person and to get help with your custom decking material quote. 

TimberTech Edge Prime collection - Coconut Husk - Composite deck boards

Key Features

  • Natural Beauty: Embrace the authentic look of wood with our composite decking, featuring realistic wood grain patterns and textures.
  • Innovative Materials: Our decking materials are engineered for performance, providing resistance to fading, staining, and the wear and tear of outdoor elements.
  • Low Maintenance Luxury: Enjoy the beauty of a pristine deck without the hassle. This decking requires minimal maintenance for lasting elegance.
TimberTech Reserve collection - Antique Leather - composite deck boards

Aesthetic Excellence

Elevate your outdoor space’s allure with captivating designs. Each product is meticulously crafted to blend seamlessly with nature, offering a visual masterpiece for your patio or garden. Our commitment to aesthetic excellence ensures that your outdoor area not only thrives in functionality but also radiates unparalleled beauty. Transform your space into a breathtaking oasis. 

TimberTech Legacy collection - Composite deck boards in Tigerwood


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TimberTech Edge Prime collection - Coconut Husk - Composite deck boards
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