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TOPLOC fascia bit (for TimberTech composite)

CA$72.12 + HST

Made exclusively for TOPLoc Fascia Fasteners —

This bit overdrives and countersinks the fascia fastener hole in one step, while significantly reducing oil-canning.

Compatible with all TimberTech PRO and TimberTech EDGE boards


TOPLOC Fascia Bit for TimberTech Composite are your key to elevating your deck’s appearance to new heights. Say goodbye to uneven fascia and visible fasteners that disrupt your deck’s beauty. Let’s delve into how this innovative bit empowers you to craft fascia with impeccable precision and finesse.

  • Achieve perfectly uniform fascia boards
  • Enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space
  • Elevate your deck’s elegance like never before
  • Conceal fasteners for a truly polished look
  • Redefine the beauty of your TimberTech Composite deck

The Ultimate Decking CompanionSimplify Fascia Installation, Maximize Results

The TOPLOC Fascia Bit for TimberTech Composite isn’t just a tool; it’s your ultimate companion for fascia installation. Crafted for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, this bit simplifies the process of creating fascia that seamlessly conceals fasteners. Discover how it redefines your decking experience.

  • Experience unparalleled ease in fascia installation
  • Simplify your deck’s finishing process
  • Designed for professionals and DIYers alike
  • Fasteners that blend seamlessly with your TimberTech Composite deck
  • Say hello to fascia perfection with the TOPLOC Bit

Weather-Resistant Excellence – Durability that Defies the Elements

Outdoor decks face the elements daily, and the TOPLOC Fascia Bit for TimberTech Composite is up for the challenge. Crafted with durability in mind, this bit ensures that your fascia remains precise and reliable throughout the seasons.

  • Designed to endure the elements with ease
  • Your deck’s best defense against weather
  • Enjoy worry-free outdoor gatherings and entertainment
  • Protect your investment with the TOPLOC Fascia Bit
  • Durability that sets your mind at ease

Compatible with all TimberTech fascia and riser boards

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