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EURO Exotic – Extension Wires

$11.99$13.99 + HST

Illuminate Every Corner with Ease with the use of EURO extension wires 

Take control and extend your outdoor LED lighting with the EURO XOTIC  2m and 3m extension wires. With these versatile wires, you can now reach every corner of your garden, patio, or backyard, ensuring a beautifully lit ambiance all around. Don’t let dark corners go unnoticed; bring light to every nook and cranny with ease.

With their seamless integration, you can effortlessly connect them to your existing LED lighting setup and expand your illumination possibilities.

Whether you’re hosting a vibrant outdoor gathering, setting up a cozy outdoor dining area, or simply enjoying a peaceful evening under the stars, our extension wires empower you to create the perfect lighting atmosphere. Say goodbye to dimly lit spaces and embrace the brilliance of well-lit surroundings.


For use with EURO branded lights

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