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FIBERON GoodLife Tuscan Villa

CA$57.48CA$161.76 + HST

Beautiful and easy to maintain, Goodlife decking features solid colors for a traditional stained deck look.

  • Authentic wood look features distinct grain patterns.
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Contains 96% recycled content.
Warranty Information:
Good Life Escapes Collection: (Tuscan Villa, Bungalow, Beach House) residential 30-year performance warranty and a 30-year stain and fade warranty.
Good Life Weekender Collection: (Cabin, Cottage) residential 25-year performance warranty and a 25-year stain and fade warranty.
10-year Commercial Limited Warranty against checking, splintering, delamination, rot and structural damage from fungal decay


Elevate Your Outdoors with FIBERON GoodLife Tuscan Villa Decking

Step into the timeless charm of Tuscan elegance with FIBERON GoodLife Tuscan Villa Decking. Designed to evoke the warmth and sophistication of an Italian villa, this premium decking transforms your outdoor space into a haven of luxury.

Timeless Elegance:

Infuse your surroundings with the classic allure of Tuscan architecture. The GoodLife Tuscan Villa Decking captures the essence of timeless elegance, offering a sophisticated backdrop for your outdoor gatherings. Imagine dining alfresco or unwinding in a space that radiates the richness of Tuscan-inspired design.

Durable Opulence:

Invest in opulence that stands the test of time. The Tuscan Villa Decking doesn’t just promise beauty; it delivers durability. Resistant to fading, stains, and wear, this decking solution ensures that your outdoor oasis maintains its luxurious appeal with minimal maintenance. Embrace enduring elegance with every step.

Luxury Redefined: FIBERON GoodLife Tuscan Villa Decking

Experience a new standard of luxury with FIBERON GoodLife Tuscan Villa Decking. Redefine your outdoor living space with a deck that seamlessly combines opulent aesthetics with unmatched performance.

Opulent Design:

Create a lavish outdoor retreat with the opulent design of Tuscan Villa Decking. The rich, earthy tones and intricate grain patterns add a touch of luxury to your space, making it a visual masterpiece. Elevate your surroundings with a deck that reflects the grandeur of Tuscan architecture.

High-Performance Luxury:

Luxury meets functionality with the GoodLife Tuscan Villa Decking. Engineered for high performance, this deck resists scratches, fading, and the effects of weather, ensuring that your outdoor haven maintains its luxurious appearance for years to come. Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury without compromise.

Tailored Opulence: Design Your GoodLife with Tuscan Villa Decking

Craft a personalized outdoor escape with FIBERON GoodLife Tuscan Villa Decking. This versatile decking solution allows you to tailor your space, combining opulence with the freedom to express your unique style.

Personalized Aesthetic:

Your outdoor space is a canvas for self-expression. FIBERON offers a range of colors and finishes, allowing you to personalize your deck to complement your home’s aesthetic. From warm terracotta to deep espresso, design a space that reflects your individual taste.

Functional Luxury:

Beyond its visual appeal, this decking solution provides functional luxury. Whether you envision a sophisticated entertainment area, a cozy reading nook, or a family gathering spot, the GoodLife Tuscan Villa Decking adapts to your lifestyle. Create an outdoor haven that’s as functional as it is luxurious.


FIBERON comes in both solid and grooved edge profiles.

Use solid edge boards to install the picture frame around the perimeter of the deck and stairs and secure using color matched screws  Use Phantom hidden fasteners to install the grooved (main) decking.

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