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FIBERON Sanctuary Moringa

CA$79.08CA$154.95 + HST

Beautiful and easy to maintain, Sanctuary decking features bold, multi-tonal colors and rustic embossing.

  • Three-sided PermaTech® cap layer provides superior stain and fade resistance.
  • The flat-profile bottom provides a sturdy feel, reminiscent of traditional lumber.
  • Strong composite construction resists splintering, rotting, cracking, insects and decay.
  • Contains 95% recycled content.
  • A Fire-rated version of Sanctuary decking is also available and approved for use in all Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) zones.

Fiberon Sanctuary Decking is Backed by a 40-year performance warranty and a 40-year stain and fade warranty.



Discover Natural Harmony with FIBERON Sanctuary Moringa Decking

Immerse your outdoor space in the tranquil hues of nature with FIBERON Sanctuary Moringa Decking. This decking solution is designed to bring the calming essence of Moringa to your deck, creating a space where natural beauty meets durable elegance.

Nature-Inspired Tranquility:

Bring the serenity of nature to your doorstep with Moringa Decking. The earthy and calming tones capture the essence of a peaceful retreat, making your deck a sanctuary for relaxation. Picture yourself surrounded by the beauty of Moringa as you unwind in your outdoor haven.

Lasting Natural Beauty:

Invest in natural beauty that withstands the test of time. Sanctuary Moringa Decking not only provides a visually stunning surface but also ensures enduring elegance. Resistant to fading, stains, and wear, this deck allows you to enjoy the timeless beauty of Moringa without the hassle of constant maintenance.

Natural Serenity: FIBERON Sanctuary Moringa Decking

Experience the serenity of nature in your outdoor living space with FIBERON Sanctuary Moringa Decking. This decking solution offers a harmonious blend of natural aesthetics and enduring performance.

Harmonious Aesthetics:

Moringa Decking doesn’t just promise beauty; it embodies harmonious aesthetics. The natural, soothing tones create an ambiance that harmonizes with the outdoor surroundings, turning your deck into a space of serenity. Enjoy the calming atmosphere that Moringa brings to your outdoor living.

Enduring Harmony:

Transform your deck into a space of enduring harmony with Sanctuary Moringa Decking. The material resists scratches, fading, and the effects of weather, ensuring that your outdoor haven maintains its natural appeal for years to come. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Moringa without compromise.

Design Your Natural Retreat: FIBERON Sanctuary Moringa Decking

Craft a personalized outdoor retreat with the versatile design of FIBERON Sanctuary Moringa Decking. This decking solution empowers you to design a space that reflects your style, creating a natural sanctuary for all seasons.

Personalized Natural Style:

Your outdoor space is an extension of your connection to nature. Moringa Decking offers a range of design possibilities, allowing you to customize your deck to match your individual style. Whether you prefer a rustic look or a more modern design, create your natural retreat with Moringa.

Functional Natural Beauty:

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this decking solution provides functional natural beauty. Whether hosting a gathering or enjoying a quiet moment, Sanctuary Moringa Decking adapts to your lifestyle. Create an outdoor haven that’s not just stylish but also a functional extension of the natural world.


FIBERON comes in both solid and grooved edge profiles.

Use solid edge boards to install the picture frame around the perimeter of the deck and stairs and secure using color matched screws  or plugs.

Use Phantom hidden fasteners to install the grooved (main) decking.

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