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RainEscape Butyl Caulk

CA$16.95 + HST

  • Easily installed by any homeowner or deck builder
  • Create a dry, useable space below your deck
  • Protect the deck substructure from moisture
  • Helps deck screws hold stronger and longer
  • Once installed, the dry space below the second-story deck can be used for additional living space or storage.
  • Can be used with any joist material and any brand of decking


Unleash Waterproof Protection with TREX RainEscape – Butyl Caulk

Seamless Seal for Ultimate Water Resistance

Achieve unparalleled waterproofing with TREX RainEscape – Butyl Caulk, designed for creating a seamless seal in your outdoor spaces. This advanced caulk formula ensures water-tight joints, providing a robust barrier against rain and moisture. Whether you’re installing or reinforcing your TREX RainEscape system, this butyl caulk acts as the first line of defense, keeping water at bay and preserving the integrity of your deck or patio.

Easy Application for DIY Enthusiasts

Experience the convenience of DIY waterproofing with TREX RainEscape – Butyl Caulk. Our user-friendly formula allows for easy application, making it perfect for both beginners and seasoned DIY enthusiasts. The caulk’s smooth consistency ensures a hassle-free and precise application, eliminating the need for professional assistance. Save time and money while enjoying the satisfaction of fortifying your outdoor living space against the elements.

Long-lasting Durability for Year-round Enjoyment

Engineered for durability, this caulk withstands the toughest weather conditions, ensuring year-round protection for your deck or patio. Its resilience against UV rays, temperature variations, and heavy rainfall guarantees that your outdoor space remains a haven of relaxation and entertainment. Say goodbye to frequent maintenance and hello to enduring outdoor enjoyment.


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