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Rubber U Channel for 1/4″ (6 mil) glass

CA$5.50 + HST

Easy to cut! Simply trim the rubber down to your desired length.

TIP: Priced per foot. You will need enough rubber to cover for both the top and bottom glass rail per section. DONT FORGET! You will also need TORX Screws to secure the glass (2 required per glass section)

  • High quality rubber material ensures a tight and permanent grip.
  • Very flexible rubber material that contours and effortless hugs all curves. 
  • Easy install. No need to use any adhesive – fits snug into the ULTRAMax Glass Rail top & bottom rails


Superior Grip for Secure Glass Installation

Elevate your glass installation with the Rubber U Channel designed specifically for 1/4″ (6 mil) glass. Experience superior grip and security as the U Channel ensures a snug fit, providing a reliable hold for your glass panels. Whether for a shower enclosure or glass partitions, this rubber U Channel enhances the stability of your glass, creating a durable and safe installation.

Key Features:

  • Specifically designed for 1/4″ (6 mil) glass
  • Superior grip for secure glass installation
  • Reliable hold for various applications

Seamless Aesthetics with Minimalist Design

Achieve seamless aesthetics in your glass setup with the minimalist design of the Rubber U Channel. Its sleek and unobtrusive profile complements the modern and clean look of your glass installation. Enhance the overall visual appeal of your space while ensuring a functional and stylish solution for securing your glass panels.

Key Highlights:

  • Minimalist design for seamless aesthetics
  • Complements modern glass applications
  • Enhances visual appeal of the installation

Effortless Installation: Versatile Application

Simplify your glass installation process with the Rubber U Channel’s user-friendly design. Suitable for various applications, this U Channel facilitates an effortless installation process. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or relying on professional help, the versatility of this rubber U Channel ensures a hassle-free experience in securing your 1/4″ (6 mil) glass panels.

Installation Advantages:

  • User-friendly rubber U Channel installation
  • Versatile application for different glass setups
  • Suitable for DIY projects and professional installation

NOTE: You will also need:

  1. TORX Screws to secure the glass (2 required per glass section).
  2. No need to use any adhesive – fits snug into the ULTRAMax Glass Rail top & bottom rails