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Sideloc Guide 7 1/4″ extension

CA$35.02 + HST

  • The TimberTech AZEK SIDELoc Extention for 7-1/4″ Board is an attachment that allows you to use the AZEK SIDELoc System for the wide 7-1/4″ Azek Square Shouldered Boards. Use with the SIDELoc Guide – 5-1/2″ Board Width (sold separately).
    • Creates a 1/8″ gap, the recommended minimum spacing for installing AZEK Decking





The Sideloc Guide 7 1/4″ Extension is your key to elevating your decking project to a whole new level of precision and ease. Say goodbye to complicated installations and welcome the simplicity and accuracy that this extension brings to your decking experience. Let’s explore how this innovative tool can redefine your decking project.

  • Achieve a seamless, screw-free deck surface
  • Enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space
  • Elevate your deck’s elegance like never before
  • Experience effortless precision with Sideloc Guide Extension
  • Redefine the beauty of your deck with Sideloc

The Ultimate Decking CompanionSimplify Installation, Maximize Results

The Sideloc Guide 7 1/4″ Extension isn’t just a tool; it’s your ultimate companion for decking. Crafted for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, this extension simplifies the installation process while delivering impeccable results. Discover how the Sideloc Guide Extension redefines your decking experience.

  • Experience unparalleled ease in fastener installation
  • Simplify your deck project, whether professional or DIY
  • Designed to work seamlessly with Sideloc systems
  • Say hello to decking perfection with Sideloc Guide Extension
  • Your key to a deck that’s both beautiful and sturdy

Durability and PrecisionEngineered for Long-Lasting Performance

Outdoor decks face the elements daily, and the Sideloc Guide 7 1/4″ Extension is engineered to withstand the test of time. Crafted with durability and precision in mind, this extension ensures that your decking project remains not only elegant but also reliable throughout the seasons.

  • Designed to endure the elements with ease
  • Your trusty companion for precision decking
  • Enjoy worry-free outdoor gatherings and entertainment
  • Protect your investment with the Sideloc Guide Extension
  • Durability and precision that set your mind at ease

Use with the SIDELOC installation guide tool