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WAP-OZ Steel 2 Wood Fence Bracket Project Pack (50)

$274.51 + HST

The remarkable 2-3/8″ WAP-OZ Fence Bracket features “Fasten-Ready” technology, which means each bracket comes complete with four hex-head wood screws and two carriage bolts, PRE-INSERTED into the bracket and ready to go. Another cool point is that they’re all a standardized half-inch size, so you don’t have to change drill bits as you go… so no more hunting through the bolt bin, counting pieces to make sure you have enough for the job and the 2-3/8″ Steel To Wood 90°Brackets make corners a breeze! Using any of the WAP series of fence brackets makes quick work connecting 2-in (2-3/8-in outside diameter) vertical metal pipe posts to wood fence rails.

2-3/8″ WAP-OZ Fence Bracket is a HUGE time-saver, especially if you’re fencing in oddly-shaped areas or tight spaces, like around pool equipment or other sections of your yard. And, with the hot-dipped galvanized steel construction, it doesn’t matter what kind of climate you use these in, they won’t rust, streak or stain, guaranteed.

“They really are kind of remarkable if you want permanent posts but maintainable, replaceable fence sections and don’t know how to fasten the sections to the posts. You’d have to see them to see how snazzy they are.” ~Englehard Dinglefester (YouTube)

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