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The Deck Store is Canada’s premier deck and outdoor living design, supply, and build company.
We are the largest volume dealer of decking and outdoor building materials in the Canadian market.

We are Your Outdoor Living Specialists! Trust us to help you create your ideal Outdoor Living Space.

The Deck Store Policies

Order Errors AND Material DAMAGE:

Review your materials for accuracy and damage.  If you find any items that are damaged or do not match the descriptions on your order, report that to us within 48 hours of delivery.  In case of error or damage, we will deliver the correct items on the original Order and take back the incorrect or un-merchantable product in its whole, unused, original, received condition. If you cut, use, or install the incorrect or un-merchantable product, it will not be considered returnable and the cost of replacement items are your responsibility. Delivery fees will not apply to correction orders.  If you request additional items to be delivered or returned, delivery fees will apply. We cannot guarantee the timing of the original or correcting delivery, but we will make all reasonable efforts to deliver in a timely manner.


If you cancel a scheduled delivery within 24 hours, you must pay the delivery fee. The delivery service is a per-trip transportation service and is not tied to or “included with” any of the items being delivered. If items scheduled to be delivered are back-ordered (will not arrive in time to be included on the delivery), the delivery service will not apply to the back-ordered items, but only to those items being delivered. Often you will have the opportunity to decide whether to delay the delivery, or to take delivery on the available items and will-call the back-ordered items.

Delivered materials will be delivered curb side at the address on your Order.

Most materials are delivered to the ground surface by hand. If you request items to be returned during a delivery, there must be someone at the job site to help hand load the materials back onto the delivery truck. If you need us to pick up your returns after the original delivery, a pickup fee will apply.


If you make any change to your Order after your Order is packaged and ready to be delivered to your vehicle or your delivery address, it may take considerable effort for our staff to un-pack, restock, pack and re-band your order. At our discretion, you will be charged a rate of $100.00 to process the entire change.


We require payment in full before materials is ordered and delivered.

Order Cancellations:

All orders are final sale, we are not responsible for any manufacturer’s delays. All orders placed with The Deck Store cannot be cancelled once payment has been made.

Payments are non-refundable. Stenographer and clerical errors are subject to correction.

Yard Pick up:

For pick up materials at our location, we are concerned about the safety of people, of your vehicle, and the security of the material. Our staff will help you load materials on/into your vehicle and occasionally will offer suggestions as to how to safely load and secure materials. If a member of our staff expresses approval for how your load is secured to your vehicle, in no case will The Deck Store assume responsibility for the security of your load. The law holds the licensed driver responsible for the security of the load. It is your (the driver’s) responsibility to (1) load the materials on/into the vehicle and (2) to ensure the security of the load.

When you direct (or give permission to) our staff to load materials on/into your vehicle or trailer, you assume responsibility for any damage that may occur during or after the loading or securing of materials, including (but not limited to) damage to the material, damage to your vehicle (for example: paint, windows, interior fabric, accessories, etc.) or damage to any person or other property. Our staff, at their discretion, can refuse your request for help to load material on/into your vehicle.

When we bring materials to you, please check that the materials are correct before you leave our location. If you find that we have made an error on your order, we will only correct the error if you return the material to our location; we will not be obligated to correct the error by sending a delivery truck to your job site. Please keep material to be exchanged in original condition. 

When Placing your order:

The responsibility for Order accuracy is yours. A material list that we help you develop is only an estimate of the materials required for your job based on our understanding of the information you have provided. Design changes during construction, construction methods, site variations, mistakes in calculation or omission (caused by any party), and other factors will affect the accuracy of the materials list. We make no warranty of accuracy or completeness for our assistance in developing your materials list. We require you to review the Order thoroughly and make any changes that you feel necessary before approving your Order.

RETURNS Policies:

  1. Dirty, damaged, or weathered products:if an item is not in “original condition” (see definition in full Terms of Sale), it is not returnable. 
  2. 15% Fee:In stock Material TivaDek Returns have a processing fee 15% when it passes inspection by our Inventory Team.
  3. Special-order Material items are not returnable & Final Sale.
  4. Wood Products:they are not returnable.
  5. Discontinued Material: They are sold as-is and not returnable.
  6. Due to COVID-19 we are not accepting any returns.