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TREX Remote Dimmer

CA$104.78 + HST

Trex deck lighting dimmer is the ideal way to turn simple illumination into a perfect mood setter. And you can expand your landscape lighting options by adding a dimmer. For extra control, use multiple dimmers and multiple circuits to control each type of light separately.

  • Designed for outdoor deck lighting and landscape lighting
  • Low voltage deck lighting dimmer (12v DC)
  • 30 foot remote range
  • Remote is programmable  

Don’t forget to order a transformer for your new Outdoor Lighting. Find out how many you’ll need.

Weight(lbs) 0.35
Width(Inches) 2
Height(Inches) 1.2
Depth(Inches) 5
Length(Inches) 5
Power Source DC
Part Number DLDIMMER
Usage Outdoor
Material Plastic
Voltage 12 volts


Control Your Ambiance with TREX Remote Dimmer

Personalized Lighting, Effortless Control

Achieve the perfect ambiance with the TREX Remote Dimmer, offering personalized lighting and effortless control. This cutting-edge dimmer allows you to tailor the brightness of your outdoor lighting, creating a customized atmosphere on your deck, patio, or garden. Whether you’re hosting a lively gathering or enjoying a quiet evening, the remote dimmer puts the power to adjust the mood right in your hands. Elevate your outdoor experience with personalized lighting control using the Remote Dimmer.

Seamless Integration, User-Friendly Operation

Experience seamless integration and user-friendly operation with the Remote Dimmer. Designed for easy setup, this dimmer effortlessly integrates into your existing TREX lighting system, offering a hassle-free upgrade. The user-friendly remote control ensures intuitive operation, allowing you to dim or brighten your outdoor lights with precision. Enjoy the convenience of adjusting the lighting levels to suit various occasions, enhancing your outdoor space with ease. Elevate your lighting experience with the simplicity of the TREX Remote Dimmer.

Energy-Efficient Brilliance, Smart Control

Embrace energy-efficient brilliance and smart control with the Remote Dimmer. This dimmer is designed to optimize energy consumption while providing optimal illumination. The smart control feature allows you to set schedules, ensuring your outdoor space is lit precisely when needed. Enhance your deck or patio with intelligent lighting that combines efficiency and convenience. Elevate your outdoor lighting experience with the TREX Remote Dimmer, bringing a touch of sophistication to your smart home.

Don’t forget to order a transformer for your new Outdoor Lighting. Find out how many you’ll need.