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STARBORN DECKFAST Fascia drilling Tool

$45.85 + HST

When it comes to deck fascia installation, precision is key. The STARBORN DECKFAST Fascia Drilling Tool puts the power of accuracy in your hands. Say goodbye to tedious, manual drilling, and hello to a tool designed for efficiency and perfection. Elevate your deck project with this essential tool that ensures every fascia board is installed flawlessly.

Product Features:

  1.  Free Spinning Stop Collar with O-ring – The stop collar spins free of the drill bit, prevent marring or burnishing of the fascia board surface.
  2. Anti-clog Debris Cavity – The cavity gathers waste material, keeping it clear of the countersink.
  3. Pre-set Countersink – The Fascia Tool matches the head diameter and countersink depth of the Fascia Screw for the perfect hole and fit.
  4. Pre-set Shaft length – Together with the countersink, the overall hole depth is designed for use with fascia boards from 1/2″ to 3/4″ thick.

Use with STARBORN Fascia screws