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CUTEK QuickClean

CA$45.99 + HST

CUTEK® Quickclean is the perfect way to regularly keep all your wood clean, and it prepares wood to optimize the performance of maintenance coats of CUTEK® Extreme.

It will easily remove dirt, grease and grime from your outside surfaces as well as even out CUTEK® Colourtone that has started to wear or erode unevenly on your wood.

CUTEK® Quickclean is a concentrate that should be diluted with water. The dilution will vary depending on the build-up of dirt/grease on the surface.

1.89 L /64 US fl. oz


Reveal the True Beauty of Your Deck

Unveil the hidden charm of your outdoor space with CUTEK QuickClean, the ultimate deck rejuvenator. Say goodbye to weathered and dull decks and hello to a backyard oasis. Our deck cleaner is specially formulated to bring out the natural beauty of wood, making it look brand new.

Transform your tired deck into a captivating haven. With CUTEK QuickClean, you can effortlessly remove years of dirt, grime, and stains, restoring your deck’s original allure. Experience the satisfaction of stepping onto a spotless and inviting deck that beckons you to relax and unwind.

Fast and Effortless Deck Cleaning

Nobody wants to spend hours scrubbing their deck. With CUTEK QuickClean, you can kiss tedious cleaning routines goodbye. Our powerful formula works quickly to break down dirt and stains, reducing your cleaning time and effort.

Just spray, wait, and rinse – it’s that simple! CUTEK QuickClean does the hard work for you, leaving your deck looking immaculate without the hassle. Spend more time enjoying your outdoor paradise and less time maintaining it.

Protect and Preserve Your Deck Investment

Your deck is an investment in your home’s value and your family’s enjoyment. CUTEK QuickClean not only cleans but also protects your deck. Our advanced formula creates a barrier that guards against future stains and damage, extending the life of your deck.

Invest in the future of your outdoor space. With CUTEK QuickClean, you’re not only enhancing its beauty today but ensuring it remains a stunning focal point for years to come. Make your deck the envy of the neighborhood with minimal effort.

Dont forget to protect your wood with CUTEK Protect line of products

visit CUTEK website to learn more & to use their coverage calculator


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