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CUTEK Wood Stripper

CA$89.95 + HST

CUTEK® Wood Stripper (formerly CUTEK® CD33 Naked) is a powerful and user-friendly paint and surface coating stripper. CUTEK® Wood Stripper is DIY-friendly; no professional experience is necessary.

CUTEK® Wood Stripper is suitable for removing multiple layers of the most commonly used wood coatings such as latex paints, stains, varnishes, linseed oils, acrylics and other film forming coatings. It is also effective at removing coatings from metal, brick and masonry surfaces.

Powerful yet safe, CUTEK® Wood Stripper is the smart alternative to conventional strippers that use dangerous chemicals (such as methylene chloride, NMP, etc.).


Unveil the True Potential of Your Wood

Unleash the hidden beauty of your wooden surfaces with CUTEK Wood Stripper, the ultimate solution for stripping away old finishes and revealing the natural elegance beneath. Say farewell to weathered and tired wood, and greet a world of possibilities. Our wood stripper is expertly formulated to breathe new life into your wood, making it look as if it just left the craftsman’s workshop.

Transform your worn-out wood into a masterpiece. Effortlessly strip away layers of old finish, revealing the pristine wood grain beneath. Experience the satisfaction of restoring your wood surfaces to their original glory, ready to be finished anew.

Effortless Finish Removal

No one wants to spend endless hours laboring over stubborn finishes. With CUTEK Wood Stripper, you can bid adieu to arduous refinishing tasks. Our potent formula works swiftly to dissolve old coatings, minimizing your time and effort.

Simply apply, wait, and watch as the old finish dissolves – it’s that straightforward! CUTEK Wood Stripper does the heavy lifting for you, leaving your wood surfaces ready for their next transformation. Spend more time crafting and less time struggling.

Protect and Preserve Your Wood Investment

Your wood surfaces are not just functional; they are an investment in aesthetics and durability. CUTEK Wood Stripper not only removes finishes but also protects your wood. Our advanced formula creates a shield against future wear and tear, extending the life of your wood.

Invest in the future of your wooden treasures. With CUTEK Wood Stripper, you’re not merely restoring the past; you’re securing a future of enduring beauty. Make your wood surfaces the centerpiece of your space with minimal effort.

3.78 L / 1 US gal

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