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CUTEK Wood Reviver

CA$89.95 + HST

CUTEK® Wood Reviver (Previously CUTEK® Proclean) is a powerful wood cleaning agent that restores stained, weathered and grey wood back to its original appearance.

CUTEK® Wood Reviver is effective in removing stubborn stains caused by tannins, water, iron, resins, mould and fungus. It also removes the common invisible glaze (mill glaze) to prepare newly sawn or machined wood for coating.

CUTEK® Wood Reviver is a one-step brightener and cleaner of many types of stains; it will brighten, clean and restore wood to look like new, ready for coating with CUTEK® Extreme.

3.78L /1 US gal



Unlock the Beauty of Your Deck with Cutek Wood Reviver!

Welcome to The Deck Store, where we bring you the ultimate solution to revive and protect your deck: Cutek Wood Reviver.

🌟 Rediscover Your Deck’s Natural Splendor 🌟

Are you tired of your once-gorgeous deck losing its luster? Say goodbye to weather-worn wood and hello to a stunning outdoor space. Our Cutek Wood Reviver is your deck’s new best friend.

🌞 All-Weather Defense 🌞

Don’t let the elements dictate your deck’s destiny. Our Wood Reviver creates a robust shield against UV rays, rain, and mildew. With Cutek, your deck will stand strong through every season, year after year.

🧽 Easy Application, Spectacular Results 🧽

Gone are the days of complicated maintenance. Applying Cutek is a breeze! Our user-friendly design ensures that you can achieve professional-quality results effortlessly. Follow our simple instructions, and your deck will look brand new in no time.

🌲 Environmentally Responsible 🌲

At Cutek, we care about your family and the planet. Our Wood Reviver is eco-friendly and safe, ensuring a worry-free experience for you and a clean conscience for the environment.

👉 Ready for a Deck Transformation? 👈

Why settle for a lackluster deck when you can restore it to its former glory? Seize the opportunity to transform your outdoor space. Click “Add to Cart” now and experience the magic of Cutek Wood Reviver,  available at The Deck Store. Make every moment on your deck unforgettable!

visit CUTEK website to learn more & to use their coverage calculator

1 Gallon 



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