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Plastic Paint Trays

CA$11.95 + HST

2L Plastic Paint Tray

  • Deep plastic paint tray holds up to 2L of paint
  • Built In Brush Rest

Crafted with Innovation and Durability in Mind

  • Built to Last: Constructed from impact-resistant recycled polypropylene, this paint tray is engineered to withstand the rigors of any painting project.
  • Solvent Resistant: Say goodbye to worries about damage from solvents. Our paint tray is specially designed to resist solvents, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Patented Deep-Well Design: Revolutionize your painting experience with our patented deep-well design. It holds more paint, preventing spills and minimizing interruptions to your workflow.
  • Anti-Skid Grid: Achieve flawless painting results with our anti-skid grid. This innovative feature controls the amount of paint on your roller, ensuring even application and professional-quality finishes.
  • Perfect for Large Surfaces: Tackle large surface painting jobs with ease. Whether you’re painting decks, walls, ceilings, or floors, our paint tray is the professional painter’s choice for efficiency and excellence.



Effortless Painting with Paint Trays from The Deck Store

Seamless Paint Distribution

Achieve professional painting results with ease using trays from The Deck Store. Our trays are designed for seamless paint distribution, ensuring uniform coverage and smooth finishes. Say goodbye to messy spills and uneven application as our trays keep your paint contained and ready for effortless use. Experience the convenience of flawless painting with trays from The Deck Store.

Convenient Handling

Make painting projects a breeze with the ergonomic design of our trays. Featuring sturdy construction and comfortable grips, our trays are easy to hold and maneuver, reducing fatigue during extended use. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional painter, our trays offer the convenience and reliability you need to tackle any project with confidence. Paint smarter, not harder, with trays from The Deck Store.

Easy Cleanup

Simplify post-painting cleanup with our easy-to-clean trays. Constructed from durable materials, our trays are resistant to paint buildup and can be quickly rinsed clean after use. Spend less time scrubbing and more time enjoying your freshly painted surfaces with trays from The Deck Store. Elevate your painting experience with hassle-free cleanup and superior performance.

Use with Deck Stains, Cleaners & Finishes





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